Spring 2016 Workshops

Workshop 1: Trendsetting: Proposal Preparation and Budget Development/Considerations

Lucien Finley, University of Texas at Dallas


This workshop will provide an overview of the proposal submission process and budget development. We will explore and discuss application considerations, proposal preparation, common ERA systems, policies associated with budget development, different types of budgets, considerations with budget development and preparing budget justifications, budget nuances, best practices, advanced budget topics and considerations, review sample budgets, and case studies.




Workshop 2: Sheldon’ Cooper’s Guide for Fun with Research Administration

Susie Sedwick, ATTAIN


Anyone who thinks that The Big Bang Theory is not based on real scenarios should not bother attending. This session will use vignettes from the hit series as the basis for an interactive discussion on how to deal with difficult faculty issues that arise way too often and cannot be anticipated. Come prepared to laugh, learn and commiserate as we share stories and strategies for those inevitable"you did what" moments.




Workshop 3:  Everything you didn’t know you wanted to know about post-award

Tonya Pinkerton, Texas Tech University and Kristie Wright, University of North Texas


We will take post-award topics and discuss best practices of how to handle them.  This will be an interactive workshop that will be guided by the presenters but provide time and expertise to answer questions about various post-award topics.  Bring your questions!



Workshop 4: Change Management

Susie Sedwick, ATTAIN


Change is the only constant. That statement certainly holds true for research administration. Whether it is dealing with large scale transformations such as implementation of the Uniform Guidance or an enterprise grants management or financial system, or the mosre incremental process of adjusting our policies, procedures, and practices to the iterative regulatory environment that has become commonplace in our profession, the challenges can be daunting. Being adept at managing change can make or break a leader. Considerations that will be specifically explored are identification of stakeholders, cultural and human aspects, and preparing for the unexpected. This workshop will use an interactive approach to illustrate good practices as evidenced in current literature and the collective experience of both the facilitators and participants.




Workshop 5: Foreign Languages: Topical discussions from the pre- and post-award perspectives

Tonya Pinkerton, Texas Tech University and Colette Solpietro, Texas Tech University


We will take topics that occur in both central research administration offices and will address them from each perspective in a guided discussion setting.  Some topics of discussion include: proposals, budgets and budget narratives, cost sharing, subrecipient monitoring, reporting, compliance issues, and customer service.



Workshop 6: Contract Negotiations 101: From the Ground Up

Scott Davis, University of Oklahoma Health Science Center and Angela Wishon, U.T. Southwestern Medical Center


Information to come!